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About us

First there was the idea of relieving oedema illnesses by technical compression therapy.

In 1979, Bösl Medizintechnik developed the overlapping 12-level system lympha-mat in co-operation with a well-known lymphologic clinic. A doctor/therapist was to have this aid at his disposal for the patient’s optimal care. Also the patients affected were enabled to effectively sustain and continue the therapy started in a practice or clinic.

Boesl Medizintechnik

More than thirty-five years of experience in the production of equipment for intermittent compression guarantee competence. Our entire know-how flows into our product’s quality. This is backed by an integrated quality management program in accordance with EN ISO 13485, in the same way the requirements of the law governing medical products and the EU directives are fulfilled. All products are provided with the compulsory CE mark 0197.

The name Bösl stands for quality "Made in Germany".
Service and customer satisfaction have top priority.

Boesl Medizintechnik

Bösl Medizintechnik
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Boesl Medizintechnik
Boesl Medizintechnik

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